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the 'CRAFT'

the 'CRAFT'


Whats so great about a tattoo apprenticeship?  

- well, you learn EVERYTHING there is to know about tattooing, and usually before you even DO your first tattoo!  Imagine the confidence that comes from having that kind of knowledge!  Now, take this course and LIVE that confidence!


When we start working with compromised tissue, we really start to find what we missed in our original training.   Body Art Fundamentals for Paramedical Artistry takes us back to those pieces.


Are nipples on the body?  Yes?  Then let's take it from a body artists perspective and learn practical application of tattooing 101 as it pertains to paramedical artistry.


There's so much to learn when we start tattooing, of course we can't remember it all, and scars will challenge us beyond our capabilities sometimes.


No matter how long we've been tattooing or how great we are, it's always good to take it back to basics and make sure we remember everything we learned, in a way thats easy to apply to damaged skin.


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