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Areola tattooing can be really challenging...

Let us make it easier for you! 

Buy The FULL SYSTEM now and get a collectors edition of the A.R.T. Magazine, Look Book Baggies AND stencil paper!

*Create an Empowering tattoo process for your amazing clients:



The ideal conversation starter!!   Let your client can have fun remembering which styles look like her old ones, and discussing color range, shape and size.

*BONUS - all your clients will see it and remember and tell their breast cancer friends and family!

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 4.05.00 PM.png


Temporary Areola Tattoos Empower your client in your consultation!  Allow her to choose the style she loves while showing you what color range works best in her skin tone.

*All styles match the Ever After Areola Series range to take away the guesswork for you and make it easy to look good!



Just like any good pre-drawn tattoo design sheet, our Diagram sheet comes with line drawings for a lifetime of stencils! 

Choose your size and make a stencil.  Learn how to hand-draw all stencils for more connection with the artistic element of your job and take a more heart-felt approach.

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 5.47.39 PM.png


3 COLOR RANGES - Light, Medium, and Dark 

*We help you navigate the difficulties of finding colors that work for all your clients skin tones, each set has a shadow color, a nipple color, and 3 areola colors.  

*BONUS - they match NIPPLEBACKS so your client can TRY THEM ON and show you what works best for them!

Choose Your Look Book


A How-To with full color reference AND greyscale reference for every style of NIPPLEBACKS temporary areola tattoos.

This book Teaches you how to make stencils and outlines a safe and responsible approach to restorative tattooing in scar tissue.

*Made to fit in a wash bottle bag to safely use as you work!


A.R.T. Books

It all started when Stacie-Rae wrote her first book back in 2012 - the areola diagrams she drew for that book became the flash sheet and NIPPLEBACKS.  Now we have 3 books, 2 training manuals, a magazine, and more in the works!  Click the picture for more on our BOOKS!



SOLD OUT - The world's ONLY cartridge set designed for Areola Restoration and Tattooing Scar Tissue - 2 variety boxes each with 4 different configurations.  Everything you need to safely apply realistic results over an amputation site:

CREATE - first pass, start loose and soft

REFINE - second pass, detail and define

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