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An integrative and comprehensive approach to areola tattooing that helps you empower your client throughout the entire tattoo process:



It all started when Stacie-Rae wrote her first book back in 2012 - the areola diagrams she drew for that book became the flash sheet and NIPPLEBACKS.  Now we have 3 books, 2 training manuals, a magazine, and more in the works!  Click the picture for more on our BOOKS!



Put the A.R.T. Flash/Diagram sheet on your wall as the ideal conversation starter - your client can have fun remembering which styles look like her old ones, and discussing color range. *BONUS - all your other clients will remember that you do areola restoration and tell their breast cancer friends and family

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Empower your client by placing on a pair of NIPPLEBACKS in your consultation!  This allows her to choose the style she loves while showing you what color range works best in her skin tone!  All current styles are created in the Ever After Areola Series range to take away the guesswork for you in the most important work you'll ever do!



Just like any good tattoo design, the'flash' sheet comes with line drawings for a lifetime of stencils!  All you have to do is figure out the size.  We recommend hand-drawing all stencils for more connection with your artistic approach.

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3 COLOR RANGES - Light, Medium, and Dark 

*We help you navigate the difficulties of finding colors that work for all your clients skin tones, each set has a shadow color, a nipple color, and 3 areola colors.  

*BONUS - they match NIPPLEBACKS so your client can TRY THEM ON and show you what works best for them!



The world's ONLY cartridge set designed for Areola Restoration and Tattooing Scar Tissue - 2 variety boxes each with 4 different configurations.  Everything you need to safely apply realistic results over an amputation site:

CREATE - first pass, start loose and soft

REFINE - second pass, detail and define

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