Stacie-Rae takes the entire body and soul in when she works with a client on the healing tattoo process.

She considers the scars, overall flow,

and the inner workings of the trauma, then designs from the heart.

She infuses Reiki, NLP and intentional tattooing to use the tattoo experience to release the trauma once and for all.

You will leave with a renewed sense of self,  free and fully empowered!

Turn your pain into beauty
Additional Art
Background still needed on this continuation from her arm tattoo, as if there was no scar!
Scar Coverup
Change the way your torso looks by decorating it!
A mis-shapen reconstruction can be turned into the most beautiful art
Music in Time
A grandfathers pocket watch reminds us of love and simpler times
C-Section Scar
Freehand sexy design over this old tattoo and C-Section scar
medical warning
Life-saving warning worn on the forearm so paramedics can easily spot it!
Remover of obstacles, helps this beautiful woman step into her power as a healer
A tattoo can do alot to help you identify your new look for the next chapter
When you lose your best friend, what can you do?
no outline flower
Whatever style you like, we can make it dynamic
Mastectomy Scars
This is Stacie-Rae's own mastectomy tattoo. She knows firsthand the transformational power of healing tattoos!
Everyone needs someone on the other side watching their back forever
If the battle that you've fought shows you something about yourself, show it off!
Freehand Flowers
The body tells me what to do, so I just follow its lead to make the most of your flow
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