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A tattoo, on it's own - holds no special power.  Like beauty, it is the eye of the beholder.  Helping a person see their body differently after trauma can help them change the way they see their entire world.

When we want to facilitate a positive change, we need artistic ability, technical excellence, and what I call 'trauma triage' - to help my clients work THROUGH any trauma triggers, rather than minimize or avoid them in those crucial moments.

Then, and only then, can the tattoo be a talisman of strength instead of a reminder of pain

Medical Tattoos

Restorative Tattoos and ParaMedical Artistry

Nipple/Areola Complex

Belly Buttons + Nailbeds

Top + Bottom Surgery

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Healing Tattoos

Scar coverups to help you turn your pain into beauty.  No matter what got you here, the sacred art of tattoo can shape your future.

Empowering Tattoos

Get a beautiful piece of art to celebrate a divorce or some kind of personal goal!  Take your life back and step into the future boldly!


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