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Cancellation Policy:

- 72 hours required for changes.  Deposit is lost if less than 72 hours is provided.

Refund Policy:

- Deposits will only be refunded if the change is made on Stacie-Rae's end and is unavoidable.

- New Schedule options will be offered, and Stacie-Rae will do everything she can to accomodate.

Changes to Design:

- Please be thorough and specific with your design details - and then leave the designing to Stacie-Rae.  Drawing is included in tattoo price, however - change requests will be honored at a small fee.  $50 for minor changes, and up to $250 for major changes to design.  Please be clear.  

- Also, respect that Designs are created intuitively and custom for each client.  We do not copy other peoples tattoos, and with 29 years as a professional artist, Stacie-Rae tries to make your ideas BETTER!

Getting Ready for your tattoo:

- Eat before your appointment and get plenty of rest and healthy food in the days leading up to it.  

- Wear Loose clothing, bring a snack and a bottle of water

- Please do not make 'busy' plans after your tattoo, it is a life-changing event and the ONLY thing you should plan to do afterward is go and have a beautiful meal and glass of wine with someone you love to celebrate.


- and A.R.T. are run as a Private Members association.  All contracts are person to person, and that means that we don't charge tax.  This also means that you may not be able to use purchases of our creations as tax exempt.  Thank you for allowing us to share our personal creations with you for the purpose of helping you become a better artist yourself and helping your clients heal from whatever they've been through!  By making a purchase, you are automatically assumed to be a living person conducting their personal business to the best of their abilities.  And we love you for it.


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