Advanced Training for Experienced Tattooists Only

3 Years Machine experience is a must,

as we learn to develop "FEEL",

which is something that cannot be explained,

but is imperative for working with compromised tissue.

Learn to make subtle adjustments in the skin

according to the biofeedback through the skin.

3 student max per class.  3 days of focused training

with the ongoing Mentorship included.

We teach you to be better than us!

2021 students receive A.R.T. Digital Class Enrollment

Cost is $3795/class and $4295 for Private training.

A.R.T. Healing Retreat option available for each class.

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scar tissue

Learn on the world ONLY scarred practice skins.

Build skills while not risking damage to clients!


Learn from someone who has had a mastectomy so you know how to best care for your clients need.

draw realism

Stacie-Rae has been to art school and won awards for her realism drawings, she shows you the easy way to achieve the look!

Tattoo Machine


A.R.T. curated the first permanent areola pigments and the first needle cartridges just FOR scar tattooing, learn on the best!


Poor Nipple Tattoos by medical tattoo practitioners

Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 10.33.10

My why - I think all breast cancer survivors deserve to look and feel their best.  Did you know that medical tattoo professionals are not required to receive basic tattoo training?  Hairdressers require more training than tattooists...

Every survivor deserves a tattoo that makes them love their body more.  We aim for the highest quality of life after a mastectomy!

A.R.T. artistic techniques and application...