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Cowboy and Wild Horses



Serving the DFW Area and Those Travelling Through.

*Must be at least 1 year out from last surgery to tattoo.

 - more recent surgeries qualify for NIPPLEBACKS

*ReDo's Welcome if you already have an Areola Tattoo

 - if it's faded or didn't heal well, or just poorly done ;)

*No Charge, but must consent to photos if desired

 - Don't worry, we won't show your face ;)

*Email Below for Information on "free clinic" dates

The A.R.T. Areola Program:

Available at participating locations, heARTists are coming together to offer free Areola "Clinics" every month, along with gifted applications of NIPPLEBACKS Temporary Areola Tattoos.

Wanna see what you've been missing?  Well, we know what it's like and we want to pay it forward!



Getting Censored!

See why we are always

stacie-rae breast cancer mastectomy scar nipple areola medical tattoo

Stacie-Rae - the Subject Matter Expert:

1996 - present

Dec. 5, 2012

2010 - present

2015 - 2019

2019 - 2021

2020 - 2022

The first art school educated, award-winning and published, professionally trained female tattoo artist in Canada!  Wanna learn more?  See some of her interviews and awards HERE

Had a Mastectomy due to BRCA1 diagnosis and 'risk management' suggestions from the genetic specialist after finding a 'mass'.

Pulled together her years of art and tattooing expertise with her newfound understanding of mastectomy experience and created A.R.T. - to raise standards for both tattooists AND survivors alike!

Helped curate the worlds FIRST permanent areola pigments, the 'pink ribbon series' by her protege (at the time), Samantha Rae, as well as the worlds first scarred tattoo practice sheets, medARTpro skins.

Designed a Signature Series of Areola Needle Cartridges with TatSoul

Designed the most progressive Areola Pigment set with Ever After Pigments

When Stacie-Rae saw how many survivors were being HARMED by poor areola tattooing, she knew something HAD to be done.

When she was harmed by poor areola tattooing, she did it.

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