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named in instyle magazines top 50 badass women of 2021!

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Falling in love with professional tattooing after receiving a 'scratcher' basement tattoo in 1989, she's truly a tattoo heARTist through and through.  Hanging out at the local shop until art school in 1994, then a professional apprenticeship with a master, she is one of Canada's first professionally trained and art school educated female tattooers.  She's seen alot of change!

Evolution for a dynamic industry


As A.R.T. was developed and growing we saw and solved the roadblocks to all nipple tattoo greatness:

- Inspired all medical tattooists to draw nipples!

- Created realistic temporary 3D nipple tattoos

- Designed the first permanent areola pigments

- Invented the first scarred practice skins and patented them to represent all ethnicities.

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Hybrid Approach to Education for All

Coming from a traditional tattoo background where a true apprenticeship is necessary, we respect the student-master relationship and understand that advanced tattooing needs an advanced approach, with pre-requisites, homework and feedback to help students grow into a confident problem solver who inspires true healing in all their clients.

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