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Mentorship and Practicum are the missing elements of modern-day training.  The information that is passed from the master to the student on a case by case scenario is almost impossible to share in a class setting.

So, we filled that gap too!  Welcome to the first structured practicum in this field!  The focused conversations that will ensure that you fully understand each topic to it's core provide value that you will see in all of your tattoo work!

We used to work so hard to meet every artist where they were at but we have now found that structure and guidance are far more effective.  Now we work to raise students to meet us and support them on their way!

Practicum Outline:

3 Specific Lessons Every Week:

3 homework lessons per week help you stay focused while making strides!

Tattooists who follow our protocol set themselves up for huge success in the medical tattoo field for your area.  Art homework to help you improve your tattooing and branding and event ideas to help you connect with your community.

The best way to prove this is by the work that my previous students are doing.

The greatness of this approach is proven by the fact that many of my students have become trainers, and since A.R.T. was different right from the start, you can become better than those trainers by learning the A.R.T. way from the start!


After 8+ years of teaching Paramedical Artistry, we finally devised the perfect program to meet students where they are at, and bring them to the same place - before training. Then, the hands-on portion can focus on ONLY the things that need to be learned in-person, increasing understanding.

Then, all students receive the 1:1 support they need to fully integrate the training when they go home.

The structure you need to master each lesson fully.

"I am super excited with all this!!  Am working a lot trying to Improve my nipples, thanks for your support, patience and love.  You cannot imagine how important your teachings have been for me.  Hope we can meet soon."

- Natalia M.

Great content packed with so much information. Takes you on a journey no other online class does. Appreciated the feedback and knowledge Stacie-Rae provided!

Rated 5 out of 5

- Deborah R.

“I can’t believe how much I’m learning, and how much its changed everything that I do. I always wanted to feel purpose in my career, but now I really understand what that means and know that I am living it every day!”

- Sarah H.

"Very good info on understanding the depth of areola restorative tattoo. I chose this class because I see so many that I feel glaze over the importance of getting it right, over just adding another service and making more money. I feel that Stacie really cares and projects that in this class. Excellent!"

 - Nicole Rizutto

"yes you pushed me! But, It was infuencial in my development and success to where I am today!"

-Kris Swanson Fernicola

Online training was amazing very detailed and covered all the big lines on this procedures, I really appreciate your videos as well . The most important part for me was how to read the skin and all the valuable infos you gave , also your technique of work and the emotional healing you pushed me to want to know much more and be more motivated and devoted to learn. 

- K.G.

I had no idea how much was involved in areola tattooing.  I see so many people that microblade take a course and then start doing this, so I thought I could too.

I now see that approach is complete crap and I will not tattoo anyone until I have a few more years experience.  Your course taught me to work harder on my foundation.

I am still practicing every single other day .

Hope to be able in the soon future to attend one of your classes , til then I wish you the best of luck and congratulate you on your revolutionary work.