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Medical + Restorative Tattoo A.R.T.

Cancer, Illness, Injury and Surgery can take alot out of us.  We may even lose body parts and/or features on the body, such as the Nipple/Areola Complex, Belly Buttons, and even toenails or fingernails.

All of these can be replaced by a specialty tattoo professional.

Stacie-Rae tattoos EVERYTHING - no restrictions and no judgement.

If you don't see it here it's only because we were not given permission to share the photo publicly. 


Surgeons, Oncologists, and more- please MESSAGE me to collaborate.


Hyper-Realistic artistry and permanent pigments are the new Gold Standard. 

Stacie-Rae pioneered a whole new approach to nipple tattooing and inspired the entire medical tattoo industry to raise standards.  She has had a hand in advancing this industry way beyond its limitations!

Travel to Texas for a true healing tattoo experience.  Who wouldn't want to go on a 'tattoo trip' and come home a completely new version of yourself! 



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