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Shipping Policy:

Unless something serious happens on our end, you will be sent a tracking number.  Please check ALL your email folders and track your own package.  Once it is left at the post office, we have fulfilled our duties, and since these packages are small it's easy for them to end up in a neighbors mailbox.  USPS warns us that some packages take up to 6 weeks for delivery - they blame covid but we don't like it any more than you do.

Refunds and Exchanges:

Sorry, but there are NO returns, refunds, or exchanges on these intimate items for obvious reasons.  If you are unsure about what tone will work for you, we recommend trying the variety pack and having some fun with the process!  If we send the wrong style by accident, we will send you the correct one and invite you to enjoy or pay forward the errored item.  If 8 weeks has gone by and your order still hasn't arrived, we will send you a replacement before we will issue a refund.


Restorative and Paramedical Artistry are highly advanced work and must be respected as such.  Since the scar tissue is the volatile variable, our students must exhibit some level of machine mastery in healthy skin before advancing into damaged skin.  This prerequisite is how we ensure that our students are equipped to become highly successful and feel great about being in our referral program.  Survivors can feel good about choosing anyone who is an A.R.T. Certified heARTist.  Artistic and Technical Excellence is our collective goal.

Since Stacie-Rae has lost her own breasts (twice) and had 'botched' nipple tattoos, she takes this promise seriously and her commitment to survivors includes her support of tattooists to make sure they can be their best!


- and A.R.T. are run as a Private Members association.  All contracts are person to person, and that means that we don't charge tax.  This also means that you may not be able to use purchases of our creations as tax exempt.  Thank you for allowing us to share our personal creations with you for the purpose of helping you become a better artist yourself and helping your clients heal from whatever they've been through!  By making a purchase, you are automatically assumed to be a living person conducting their personal business to the best of their abilities.  And we love you for it.

Thanks for submitting!
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