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Turn your studio into a sanctuary while you learn what it means to hold space.   It all starts within, so you must face your own past traumas first.  That way, you won't be uncomfortable when your clients face their emotions that are sure to be stored in the area of the trauma site and cellular memory.


When we work on trauma sites, we can trigger a subconscious reaction to the percieved 'threat'.  Our client can go into a quiet 'flight or fight' response as their trauma gets triggered!


Many tattooists don't know how to recognize or deal with this, and if the client leaves without resolution of the heightened stress response, the tattoo may become a reminder of the trauma instead of an empowering choice.  


Since Stacie-Rae works hard to honour the ancient and sacred in this work, and keep those values alive in an ever changing feild, you will feel more purpose and passion in your day to day work while you find your true soulds mission as a tattoo heARTist!


Learn proper use of the term 'healing tattoos' before you misuse it and get yourself in trouble.  If you are not a healer yourself, then you could foster unrealistic client expectations or even worse - be sued for malpractice if you lead people to believe that you are something you are not.


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