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Stacie-Rae loves to help change lives for the better.

Hear what some of her clients have to say about it:

Jodi S.

"You were just amazing. My mom had a 5 yr battle with cancer that began with a mastectomy so your passion really settles deep in my heart and mind. Thank you for all you do!"

Sarah H.

I didn't know WHAT I was going to feel when I looked in that mirror.  The tears just flowed and flowed and I never once felt judged.  At the end, we celebrated the

beginning of a new era in my life!

Lisa F.

Of course emotions came up once she was stretching the skin around my scars, I just didn't realize that I wouldn't be able to control them.  She fully accepted me in that moment and I felt safe.

Casey C

Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on my tattoos yesterday.


I can’t stop looking in the mirror and I finally feel whole again. I got my sexy back, thanks to you!!!!


You are truly gifted! 


Jodi N.

was in today getting an ultrasound and the technician could not stop raving about my nipples and how real they look.  She told me about this girl in Calgary that is the most awesome at it and that she was out and about teaching people how to do it too.  I told her that you were the angel that gave me my nipples.  You rock are becoming a legend.  Keep up the great're something special.  


Stacie-Rae Weir is my Angel. I will continue to watch and admire her.  If I were a tattoo artist, I would be in line to learn what she has to offer. I have a lot more scars on my body that might get covered up some day, but there is no more life changing tattooing than that done surrounding scars and medical procedures.

Thank you is completely inadequate. I am grateful every day that I found you,

and that you were willing to work me into your busy schedule!

Angie S.

 I was looking at my pictures and some of my new tattoo session came up - for the first time ever, I covered the screen, afraid others might see them!!! Prior to the tattooing,  I never really gave prying eyes much thought. I don't share photos anymore 

Christine K.

"Since you doing my tattoos i have travelled all over the world and had the confidence to even go to many nude and topless beaches!!

...The first time was in Spain and I went topless.. put my dark glasses on and walked up and down the beach to see if anyone would stare or look at me strange and nothing... I was impressed. It felt good."


I have not been obsessed with checking myself out & taking pictures of myself for quite some time, BUT here we are again! Your work looks fantastic! I am just now beginning to feel human again.

"MLD MAN" says:

"Stacie-Rae Weir has been using her skills to teach others her mind blowing skills in hyper-realism and making scars disappear! My phallus was split open like a hotdog five times! I just finished my third (final) session with Stacie-Rae and well as I said, mind blowing skills! I waited a full year after my 6th (final) Phallo surgery to start tattooing. After having surgery every 5 months for 3 years - well it is often difficult to view your new member as much more than a healing surgical site. But, NO MORE!!

I didn't find Stacie-Rae in Los Angeles. Nor, did I find her in Austin, TX but no matter where she lands, if you are lucky enough that she can work you into her schedule, you should buy a ticket and trust her badass skills to help you finalize what it has taken you and your team all this time to create! Most of us travel to our surgical teams. There is a huge difference between a tattoo artist that does great art and an artist that has devoted their career to learning how to work with scar tissue and medical tattooing!!!

Stacie-Rae Weir is spending most of her time these days teaching. I don't know if she will be doing a lot of hands on tattooing but I do know she is devoting her career to teaching other artists and should be able to point you to other qualified artists. Absolutely worth the time to check out what she has done, and continues to do to improve medical tattooing.

I am not being paid, nor do I work for/with Stacie-Rae. I am simply blown away at her work and felt this was the very least I could do - not only for Stacie-Rae, but for all of you that may be looking for medical tattooing. I kept my eye on the medical tattoo field since I started my phallo journey around 2017. There's not a lot of info out there and well, if you are looking - you know. I am finally at the end of my journey and am so incredibly grateful to everyone that helped me along this journey! I feel so lucky not only that I found Stacie-Rae, but that she was able to transform my surgical flap into an unmistakable phallus. So, I found Stacie-Rae in Las Vegas, NV but I don't know if that will be her final place in this world. BUT, as I said - where ever she is, if you get the opportunity - you will NOT be disappointed!!"

SR responds - "Thanks Grandpa!  Other than teaching, realistic restorative tattooing is my favorite type of work to do and I'll always make time in my schedule for guys like you that come out and track me down!!


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