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A.R.T. System

A.R.T. System


You will receive not only our new FLASH/DIAGRAM sheet to display on your wall and discuss in consultations, but also the Master Copies of each style to make your own stencils from forever, AND the CHOOSE YOUR LOOK book for reference and talking points with your client!


NIPPLEBACKS - 1 pair of each style, value $35, included


Provide clients with the whole-meal-deal by keeping NIPPLEBACKS in stock and place them on them in the consultation.  Once they wear off, that client will simply NEED to have permanent nipples tattooed on them, and they'll know exactly what they love!


The 'CHOOSE YOUR LOOK BOOK" gives your client a chance to flip through and see for themselves, then bag the book and keep it at your station for reference while you are tattooing!


This will make your job SO much easier - pick the size that matches the size of the breast, mark the manubrium and sternum, and place in a way that flatters the body!


If you both decide they should be moved, simply remove and replace!  Each stencil can be used up to 3x (but never on a different client of course!) - and A.R.T. makes it SO easy to make new stencils.  You have an endless supply!


Simply photocopy to the size you want, or pre-copy and prepare. 

(If you pre-prepare stencils, please keep the trimmed stencils in a sealed environment so no external airborne debris can get in!)


How to make a great stencil:

Find on P. 35 of the A.R.T. Annual Magazine