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Gender Affirming Tattoos

Howdy! After over 30yrs 'in the biz', I started quietly doing restorative work and scar coverups for FTM and MTF clients. Whatever you have, I can probably tattoo it - I started doing scar coverup tattoos about 3yrs into my career back in the late 90's and have been obsessed with tattooing compromised tissue ever since.

I even designed a signature series of TatSoul needle cartridges for use in this work!

So - if you are FTM or MTF and looking for a tattooer who really 'gets it' and can take great care of you, come see me in the DFW are with guest spots in Austin and Kansas City, MO!

If you are a tattooist looking to get into this work, we need to have a heart-to-heart about it. I have kept my work pretty much a secret because of the copycat nature of the cosmetic tattoo world and have fielded enough training inquiries that I see the need to address this:


- Right now there aren't alot of people doing this highly specialized work and those of us who do, don't advertise it. This is out of respect for your community, now hear me out...

You see, these days paramedical tattooing is dominated by cosmetic tattooists who don't put time and effort into drawing and who do not really understand how to effectively tattoo scar tissue. Did you know that there are NO REQUIREMENTS FOR PMU TRAINERS to prove that they know how to tattoo well before they start training?

It's true and it's a shame. There are a couple tests they can take through the SPCP or AAM pmu board, but they don't have to prove ability. So what are they teaching? What their teacher taught them.... and a serious decline in tattoo quality is ramping up as more and more new tattooists get into this field because it's so easy to get into. Really, it's like the blind leading the blind sometimes. Especially now since covid made online learning to popular so these tattooists DON'T EVEN HAVE TO TAKE A REAL TRAINING!!!

Sorry, but you need to know that not all tattoo professionals have a strong enough foundation to do great work for you, even if they have a heart for it. And someone needs to tell you. A body artist takes a 1-2yr 1:1 apprenticeship. Not a week long class.

SO - demand to see their drawings! And their healed tattoo work, and make sure they have taken hands-on training (not just watched videos) - you deserve the best, you deserve to wait and maybe even travel for someone who will do great work for you. Not just someone who says they will but can't back it up ;). You deserve it. Demand it!


I am in the process of writing a program for this and have been working on it for almost 5 years but the pre-requisites are incredibly high to maintain responsibility and ethics.

This is BODY TATTOOING NOT PMU and therefore CANNOT be taught PROPERLY within the pmu realm - huge amounts of knowledge will be lacking and excited new tattooists could cause serious harm to the skin of the donor tissue - without even realizing it!

Tattooists MUST do a high volume of either scar coverups or areola restoration tattoos to prepare you for the challenge - for at least 3 years. At least 1,000 honest hours of working in compromised tissue - otherwise do you really feel the need to advance your career?

What I worry about is newer tattooists get excited about being able to get into this world without having to prove their knowledge, advanced skill, talent and artistic ability...

- this would result in ALOT of FTM clients may end up feeling even more disconnected from their newly changed body - creating a severe adverse mental affect

That being said - please be responsible with your tattoo journey - focus on what you are doing now and after 3 full years of SUCCESSFUL paramedical tattooing, get back at me and let's spend a bit of time evaluating your body of work and your long-term career goals at that time! Take your time and enjoy each step!

Tattooing should be a LONG career that focuses on excellence and mastery of this craft, which takes about 10 years. I can tell you that I've been tattooing for over 27 years and I feel like I'm just getting started. Please do not rush and then miss important elements.

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