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How Many Sessions will I need?

Areola tattoos require 2 passes for those realistic results because we simply don't know how the scars will retain pigment and layering is how you achieve that painterly look.

Every reconstruction is different and the way the blood flow is affected varies from person to person, so the way we CREATE an artistic areola is light and soft on the first pass. This way we start the tattoo process like laying down the underlayer of an oil painting. We worry about the general size, shape, placement and primary tones.

Then, we wait 10 weeks to tighten up the details and perfect it in the second pass. Why 10 weeks? Well, if it takes 6 weeks for healthy skin to grow out a full cycle, we want to almost double that for damaged tissue to be safe.

In the second pass we REFINE the details based on what the skin tells us it can tolerate.

Decorative tattoos don't really require that follow up appointment unless - they do! for the same reason. We just don't know how the scars will retain pigment until they're healed.

But with a coverup, we can plan for one session - and then if you NEED a follow up we can discuss it after 8 weeks when we see how they retained over a bit of time.

Also - if you tap out, because it's extra sensitive you can break it up into 2 sessions. It's really case specific.

Do not put timeline pressure on one of the most important parts of your journey, this is 'the cherry on top'! Give in to the process for the best results. Did you know that 81% of survivors love their body LESS after getting tattooed?? One of the reasons is that they rush the process without honouring the body. Another reason is because they see tattooists who aren't artistic experts. We MUST honour the process if we are to have stunning results.


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