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A.R.T. Retreats

THE BEST WAY to not only integrate new knowledge into your life, an important part of true mastery, but build strong community with other experts while you become the expert you want to be.

Each retreat has a virtual training aspect prior to the event, as well as group follow ups to make sure that you really got to integrate the level up that you came for!

Days will start with sharing, learning, and growth, then move into fun and relaxation as a group!



A.R.T. Drawing Retreat

Project Name


 - Virtual Training Included - Hyper-Realism

 - Level up your realism skills + Unilateral Portraiture

 - Your own branding, imagery, website, cards, logo

 We will bring our unique challenges to the group and develop a highly trained eye, giving you the ability to turn 'flaws' into 'features'.  Become AMAZING!


A.R.T. Healing Retreat

Project Name

Healing Starts within.  We will work with professionals who specialize in the breast cancer field to learn how to help our clients in the ways that they really need:

- Healing Tattoos Course Included

- We will experience effective healing modalities

- Learn the NEW A.R.T. Trauma Release Technique

Change the way you care for your clients and yourself!


LeaderShip Retreat

Find your Divine Message and your Goddess Voice

What message would you like to deliver to the world?  This retreat will get you ready for interviews and local speaking events that may lead to international speaking events.  Clean up your message with clarity and become hyper focused on your goals, ready to show the world!

Scar Coverups


Project Name

For Experienced Body Tattoo Artists ONLY:

- Composition, Flow and Artistic Application

- Create sightlines that take the eye past the scar

- Help clients love their body again!

Drawing exercises, critiques, and community projects to give tattooists a trained eye and advanced approach to scar coverup design planning.

coverups logo3.jpg


Project Name


Las Vegas, Nevada

Surprisingly host to a strong healing community, this city also has alot to offer on its own!  We will end each retreat with a celebratory experience of the city but will mostly remain close to the quite location and focused on the group and our gathering.

We want you to go home refreshed and inspired!

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