Advanced Training for Experienced Tattooists Only

Even other trainers want to see how we do what we do!

We choose to work with experienced professionals that also have high standards and meet our pre-requisites.

3 Years Machine experience is a must, as well as some drawing basics and a good understanding of needles and development of how to see and especially how to 'feel'.

"FEEL" is something that cannot be taught but is imperative for working with compromised tissue.  A nipple tattoo artist must be able to make minute adjustments in the skin according to what the scar tissue is telling the artist.  This is the ONLY way to achieve technical execution of realistic appearance that will stand the test of time.

Screen Shot 2020-04-04 at 8.59.10 PM.png


Poor Nipple Tattoos by Doctors or Cosmetic Tattooists

My why is because I simply can't believe that practitioners are allowed to do tattoos like the above!!  I think breast cancer survivors deserve much more than they've been receiving.  Did you know that medical tattoo professionals are NOT required to receive basic tattoo training?  It's TRUE!!  And its crazy to me...

Every survivor deserves a tattoo that makes them love their body more, not less.  Tattoo quality is the deciding factor in the end.

Better Nipple Tattoos by myself with the A.R.T. techniques that I teach...

But, not everyone is ready for this challenging but rewarding work.  The ultimate goal of A.R.T. is to make sure than every survivor has access to a practitioner that can make a nipple actually look like a nipple, in a way that stays in forever.

In order to honour our promise to survivors, we only train people we know can understand and execute A.R.T. techniques

to a true level of excellence.

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