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The Kintsugi Project

Kintsugi - a Japanese art form that involves repairing broken pottery with gold or other precious metals, highlighting the brokenness rather than disguising it. 

This method makes the object even stronger and more beautiful than before it became broken.

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Purchase a Beautiful Limited Edition Print AND be entered to win the Kintsugi Project Giveaway.

If you don't win, you still have a beautiful piece of art AND you helped someone have a life-changing tattoo experience!

Your print will be one of 25, signed and numbered.

Many Things cause trauma in our lives - from car accidents to cancer diagnosis.  Tattooing is an easy way to reclaim our lives after such a shocking event.

The scar IS the gold!  It IS the thing that mends us.

Let's make it even more beautiful!


The Project

Healing Tattoos - Day Rate includes reiki energy work, customized Kintsugi artwork, and a 2hour Trauma Release session

We are also accepting donations as an entry for yourself, or to pay it forward to a loved one or even to a stranger!

3 ways to enter - via donation below, Purchase a Kintsugi Dragon Print, or purchase an original piece of Kintsugi created by Stacie-Rae.



The body holds and stores memory after trauma - physical or emotional.

*First, we seek and acknowledge the trauma.

*Then we work together to release it.

*Once that is cleared, intuition will guide us to imagery.

*Then, I will spend 3-10 hours in an intuitive design process.

*Then we get you tattooed and transformed!


I am a reiki master and certified Enlifted Coach, as well as Sanctuary-trained and many other healing modalities.  In our 2-hour "kintsugi" zoom call, we will identify the trauma, feel it fully, and shift the perspective for an empowering and permanent release.

This work is transformative, a powerful step toward living life fully, without the 'pain body' in charge.

A new way to deal with all the stresses in your life!



After integrating your trauma release session and allowing your divine vision to come back to you, we will brainstorm your ideas.  We will talk intuitively about where you want it to flow on your body, the subject matter and style that will help you feel the most beautiful, powerful and strong.

We will use intention to rewrite the trauma.  The tattoo actually becomes the talisman of the transformation, rather than the goal of the process!



With my reiki expertise, I like to offer clients a simple clearing session with things like smudge, sound bowl, 

+ deep breathing techniques.  Healing tattoo sessions help to release emotional pain from the body so we create a sacred space where clients can cry and scream and laugh - whatever you need to really leave the past behind.  Sessions are usually 3-4 hours long to reduce any additional feelings of trauma, and the tattoo can take multiple sessions to slowly integrate and accept your new visionary art into your

etheric and physical field of existence!

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