Working one-on-one with a coach or mentor helps you stay focused and workthrough challenges.   Experienced or previously trained tattoo artists can become fully A.R.T. Certified heARTists when skill and merit is proven, with inclusion on the website and promotions and referrals.


Bi-Weekly coaching calls focus on deepening your understanding of how to implant pigment in all types of skin damage, with actual collaboration on each client.  We also have focused assignments to help you build on your strong points.  


A huge missing element in pmu tattoo training is the relationship you need with a master tattooer when you are learning how the skin receives pigment.  This is especially important when working with compromised tissue and a spirit in need of emotional healing.


For 2021 the mentorship is included in all in-person training, as it is the main reason that A.R.T. artists are all so amazing.  It is now ONLY available to those in pursuit of full certification as commitment is required to benefit fully from the mentorship protocol. 


We found that in the past, outside tattooists may just want to skip having to take full training and that is not acceptable to A.R.T. standards. 

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