We've been working on these for awhile but haven't made them available for purchase yet, but NOW is the time!!



So powerful, so challenging, so rewarding!


These beautifully made forearm practice skins show an abundance of the types of scars that we see in self-harm survivors.

- current stock only available in Fitz 1-2, but let me know if you want more of a skin tone range and I will make it happen!


With mental health on the decline, and self-harm and suicide on the uprise, we tattoo artists must tap into this ancient and sacred calling to empower our clients to live the life they love, fully and with abandon!


Practice your designs and perfect your ability to adapt to the rises and falls in this challenging skin.  Use it as a portfolio piece to talk to your clients about how raised scars can make lines appear crooked, and learn how to design around them!


Send me pictures of your awesome tattoo and I will feature you as a heARTist on social media!

send to or DM me on insta


THEN!!  follow my instagram to enter your design in a contest for a really great prize pack!  Prize pack will include a free enrollment in my new virtual course - "SCAR COVERUPS"

- where I will be teaching skilled tattoo artists how to create flow and sightlines that take the eye past the scar, and composition that flatters the muscle structure instead of bringing the eye to the scar itself!