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The BRAND NEW style of Rebecca, in a Medium size - 

This style has stronger highlights to look even MORE 3D on darker skin tones!  Don't judge it by the way it looks on a white background, this is one you GOTTA try on to see for yourself!


The depth on the nipple is strong enough to look natural from a few feet away!


ALL NEW NIPPLEBACKS are designed in the NEW Ever After pigment tones so you can see how those tones work on your own skin!!  This will help your tattoo process be even better than before, especially if it's done by an A.R.T. Certified heARTist!!!


The second most popular style, looks great on a variety of skin tones.  Many survivors have brought the rebecca into their qualified tattooer to get them permanently inked, with variations according to what works for their own skin colour!


Designed for medium-dark skin, this colour will work on all skin tones from medium to medium-dark skin. 


*This was designed by Stacie-Rae, is the second original style and named after her stepmother, who has also passed away and was an inspiration as someone who publicly stood up for womens rights and freedoms in the workplace.  She was a dancer and a cultural anthropologist who travelled the world