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We are a global collective of advanced professional tattoo artists who have dedicated ourselves to higher learning and quality for the benefit of breast cancer survivors. We are the worlds most advanced at this challenging work, and act as a team who collectively offers support and information to support each others growth and excellence in expert nipple tattooing.

The A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattoo team provides all your post-mastectomy tattoo needs. Temporary & Permanent nipple tattoos, Decorative & Restorative. Scar reduction and coverup options also available with most team heARTists.
We also worked with World Famous Tattoo Ink to create the worlds FIRST and BEST set of permanent areola tattoo pigments, the Pink Ribbon Series

Stacie-Rae, the creator and founder of A.R.T., pioneered a new approach to achieving realistic, life-long lasting Nipple Tattoo for Breast Cancer Survivors. After seeing the current industry standards for Areola Tattooing, she decided that survivors deserved a higher quality of practitioner, so we created a team to achieve exactly that. We certify and support passionate, skilled tattooists all over the world.

Also, we have designated this site as THE place for all your post-mastectomy scar and nipple tattoo needs, providing top quality tools to professionals and educational blogs and videos for survivors. We support great artists doing great work, and survivors looking for the best!

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How A.R.T. is special is that we have totally reinvented the common approach to nipple tattoo, creating a way to achieve lasting realism in compromised skin.

We designed the Pink Ribbon Series, the worlds first permanent pigments designed for areola tattooing, and World Famous Ink made it.  It’s vegan and the safest pigment for cancer survivors to have in their body.

We also wrote the only book on realistic areola restorative tattooing, and called it A.R.T. to make sure ART is always first.

We created the worlds first realistic temporary nipple tattoo option for survivors as an emotional aid while they wait to decide if permanent ink is right for them

We even created the worlds first practice skin to represent real skin imperfections and damage, and we are the first to do this in colors that represent all ethnicities.

We offer ongoing support to our worldwide team members, and we work with our local surgeons and insurance companies to put an end to the poor quality nipple tattooing currently being offered.

Nipple Back

Nipple Back


Losing your breasts to cancer can be terrifying. Most mastectomies also remove the Nipple/Areola Complex (NAC), leaving the survivor with nothing but scars and an unfamiliar body.

A full sense of self-love and self-acceptance can be hard to achieve, leading to a lower quality of life and even depression, and this fact is almost entirely overlooked by the medical industry.

Realism is the key to re-connecting with your feminine beauty, yet you would never understand that if you had not gone through it yourself.

With NIPPLEBACKS temporary 3D nipple tattoos, you have instant access to that sense of wholeness, the you that you were before cancer came along. Breasts aren’t sexual without nipples, as social media teaches us. But once those nipples are back on there – look out world!

Give yourself the gift you didn’t realize how much you missed. Experience that mind-body-spirit connection you worked so hard for. Missing something? Here’s your NIPPLEBACK!

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