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Sept. 27-Oct. 1, 2023

What Happens in Vegas....
can stay in your heart forever


Let's get together for a really great 3 days and 3 nights of gathering and sharing

Plans are subject to change, this is just a rough outline of soul-nourishing 'professional development' - with good talks and great memories

$900pp - Accommodations and Food included

Healing Tattoos A.R.T. Retreat!

  • 4 bedroom house with a pool, BBQ, fireplace AND a firepit, 3 bathrooms and room to roam.

  • House will be fully stocked with delicious food, snacks, and some beer and wine to start

  • Bring your drawing supplies and a notebook!!  We will be sharing knowledge galore!

The Loose Plan:


Day 1 - Healing

AM: where the body stores trauma and how tattooing it can activate it.

PM:  A.R.T. Trauma Release Technique

Screen Shot 2023-06-13 at 9.39.41 AM.png

Day 2 - Drawing


Unilateral Secret Sauce


LIttle Realism Level Up

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Day 3 - LeaderShip

AM: Divine Message - be ready for interviews

PM: Soundbath Experience with Jennifer Denman


Balance your time between shop talk and sightseeing.  Shall we go for a helicopter ride?

If you just want to sit by the pool and drink a beer instead of drawing nipples, thats alright too.  Lazy days can end in one night on the strip and one night on freemont street.  

Just imagine - in ONE wild trip...

Learn how to be more 'in the flow' with your life's calling

Perfect and Advance your artistic approach even more

Be ready for fun and laughter and tears!


The 'A.R.T. Trifecta' Approach:

  • Artistic Ability - sharing secrets for deeper development

  • Technical Application - Share knowledge for scar success

  • Trauma Triage - Safely, with the A.R.T. Trauma Release Technique

There's no shame in sharing your struggles with your peers


That's why community is SO important - sometimes we need to see that we all struggle.  This work is incredibly hard and when we see each others highlight reels on social media, it can make us feel really quite alone in our own challenges.

But A.R.T. was literally created to fix that!  Sometimes it can be hard to reach out so this time of togetherness is going to be magical for each of us - we all need connection.


Even though our 'fearless leader' kinda takes charge, she also knows we ALL have times when we're down on ourselves and she chooses her team based on their heart-centeredness.  Now we just have to see each other in this loving light and accept the cheerleading we all have for each other!

Not Included:
Flights (cheap at expedia)
Rides to the house from the airport
extra booze if desired

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