Healing Tattoo - Austin, TX

Scar Coverups or any tattoo that helps you "rewrite the trauma"

  • 3 hours
  • Starting at $300

Service Description

Reclaim your body after surgery or injury, or other kind of trauma. Self-harm scar coverups can help you do life on your terms. Please have a basic idea of what you want to have tattooed, and then give me the freedom to make it work within the limitations of your scars. I will custom design a tattoo just for you and execute it to the best technical excellence that I can achieve in your unique skin damage. Then, before you book time, you MUST have done a consultation with me so I have ample time to study, design and prepare for our session. Use this link to book your free video consultation: https://art8646.hbportal.co/schedule/5fc1765796e0f101d4015c84 A $150 non-refundable deposit is required before any drawing will be started. As we are working on a site that may retain cellular memory of the event in the fascia and soft tissue, emotions may come up for another layer of release. At that time, we gently hold space and then offer a focused intention setting process. In this way, your new tattoo also becomes a permanent reminder that you have let go of the past, in a small but important way. If you do not resonate with that idea, then we just give you the absolute best tattoo possible!! Having a different visual experience of your body will create new memories to replace the painful ones no matter what! The scar will never be invisible, but it can be incredibly empowering to reframe your relationship with it! Use beautiful art to 'turn your pain into beauty' Like P-Ink says "Turn your scars into Art"!

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