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The Only Constant in life is Change!

We support Breast Cancer Survivors GET the best tattooing by helping tattooists BE their best!

- Books to help tattooists develop artistic skills, understanding tissue & technical application

- NIPPLEBACKS Realistic Temporary Nipple Tattoos to help survivors feel whole & choose styles

- Diagram Sheet of NIPPLEBACKS designs to help your client decide on style & color

- Stencils and Stencil packs for the tattooist who also works at a surgeons office

We are honoured to have the opportunity to bring these

innovative and evolutionary items into existence for the benefit of medical tattooing:

*We curated the worlds first permanent areola pigments, the Pink Ribbon Series by World Famous Ink

*MEDARTPRO Scarred practice skins and minis, and more products to help tattooists learn effective techniques to tattoo compromised tissue effectively and without risking further damage

*MEDARTPRO is also the first to offer practice skins to represent ALL skin tones and Fitz scale variants!

*And now we've partnered with TatSoul to introduce the first areola-specific needle cartridge sets!

A.R.T. has happily challenged the entire medical tattoo industry to bring about positive change!

Gamechangers Unite, Mastectomy Evolution Design is at hand!

A.R.T. Products can be purchased at TatSoul, Kingpin Tattoo Supply, and HYVE beauty



This book was written to teach experienced tattooists how to draw nipples well and connect with their purpose in this meaningful work, and inspired a movement to permanent realism.

Pink Sand
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