All the content included in the FULL version, but without the instructors advice and feedback.  You can do the assignments on your own and see how far you've come by the end of the course!  


*Buy the FULL course to get drawing advice straight from Stacie-Rae on each assignment!


*Stacie-Rae, the trainer, has been to art school, and HAD a mastectomy herself.  Then her implants were recalled and she has explanted and has alot to share on the topic of breast reconstruction. 

*World-Recognized Subject Matter Expert in Breast Cancer & Scar Tattooing.   Award winning tattoo artist, published and interviewed many times.  "Areola Artist of the Year 2019"

*Tattooing for 25 years and specializing in scar tissue since 1999!! 

*She has always had and taught a focus on the healing element of tattoo, and since many trainers have taken her training, you see that influence become widespread.  Learn it from the leader herself!


50+ LESSONS, that you do online at your own pace, including:

- Drawing from Real Life, Handling Scar Tissue, Needles & Machines

- Consultation, Placement, Theory, Emotions and Healing

- Drawing assignments, Videos & PDF downloads


- We introduced the following innovations:

  - A.R.T. taught the PMU world how to draw realistic nipples!

  - Flash/Diagram Sheet with Nipple/Areola Complex reference 

  - Permanent Areola Pigments (The Pink Ribbon Series)

  - MEDARTPRO SKINS - worlds ONLY scarred practice skins and FIRST to represent all fitzpatrick scales, patent pending on all!

  - NIPPLEBACKS - The first Artistic Temporary 3D Nipple Tattoos

  - TatSoul Envy A.R.T. Cartridges Areola Restorative Tattooing


Paramedical tattooing deserves its own designation, so we created an approach that is respectful and comprehensive.

NO online course will actually teach you how to tattoo scar tissue properly. 

This course is the PERFECT compliment to in-person pmu nipple training!