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Stencils Master Copies

Stencils Master Copies


NIPPLEBACKS stencils master sheet - reusable template FULL SET

- ALL 7 unlimited manual stencils in Small, Medium, and Large sizes.  Photocopy these sheets as many times as you need and make hand-drawn stencils the 'old school' way, customizeable for every client.


Use the line drawings over and over again, a lifetime of stencils!

Photocopy it larger or smaller to create even more sizes.


HOW TO MAKE A STENCIL (the old school way):

- Choose your stencil size

- Place photocopy on the active side of a stencil sheet, link below

- Use a ballpoint pen to trace the lines

- Cleanse and prep the skin

- Use Stencil Solution sparingly directly on the area

- hold stencil face-down for a 5-10 seconds

- Double check placement to make sure you are both happy with it

- Allow the stencil a few minutes to dry before tattooing it, perfect time to pick out your colours!

- You can always draw a bit over the stencils for any corrections or alterations with a single-use surgical marker.


**If you are not happy with the stencil placement, it can be wiped off with Isopropyl alcohol and placed once or twice more**

(never re-use a stencil on another client)



Find the products you need here:










Goes perfectly with the "CHOOSE YOUR LOOK" book that also has the reference inside. 


A.R.T. is a full and comprehensive system designed to allow the tattooist to do artistic and realistic tattoos in any tissue, as long as they have taken hands-on training and understand the advanced technical challenges of diffferent types of scar tissue.


We also have a "Nipple Flash" sheet with diagrams for reference that makes a fantastic diagram sheet for your office wall to discuss your clients hopes and preferences.  Each style is also a NIPPLEBACKS temporary 3D nipple tattoo style that they can try on, and then our book shows you how to get the look your client loves!


Complimentary to the World Famous Pink Ribbon Series, the TatSoul Envy A.R.T. specialty cartridges, A.R.T. registered techniques, medARTpro patented scarred practice skins in all fitzpatrick scales.


Buy the original A.R.T. book and read the first ever medical tattoo publication, A.R.T. ANNUAL online HERE