This course is designed for the newer professional body tattoo artist who feels like they didn't get enough out of their apprenticeship.  

* It's also fantastic for the apprentice who wants to go above and beyond all of their learning to make sure they build a super solid foundation that allows them to grow quickly and minimize common apprentice errors in judgement!


We keep working with tattooers who have huge gaps in their foundation, and we want to inspire a deeper respect for this craft by supporting the committed but undereducated tattoo artist in becoming their best!


Things like placement, body flow and muscle structure are being overlooked far too often.  People seem to also have very little understanding of machines, needles and pigments.  We think everyone who does tattoos for a living should understand all of these fascinating things, especially since we all love to learn like we do!


Tattooing is a calling, not just a 'job'.  Let's embrace this ancient art form and make sure that future generations honour traditions and history as well!  There is NO reason for anyone to be a 'scratcher' in this day and age of information!  We have come out of the dark ages and this is a professional industry now, with corporate  sponsorships and more.   


*If you have an apprentice, we invite you to let us help you in your training by going into a bit more depth on some of the topics you will cover.   You may like to take this course together, as its always fun to entertain other tattooers perspectives on some things as well!  


Be the best YOU can be and fly higher than you ever dreamed.  Let us help you!


When finished, this course will be 40 seperate lessons with homework, videos and downloadable PDF's to challenge you and help you grow past your current limitations.  You can do them at your own pace, and we will be offering monthly zoom meetings to have group discussions.  The two trainers have 40 years combined experience and have worked with some of the best tattooers to ever grace our beautiful planet.  Inspiring and rewarding, we love this job more than anything!


Course is just about to be debuted, and can be purchased as a membership subscription with monthly zoom calls and modules with homework!


Go to for monthly membership options!