Original A.R.T. book

Original A.R.T. book

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The 7th Edition of the Original A.R.T. Book includes info on how to achieve realism in any skin damage, with the new TatSoul Envy Gen2 A.R.T. Needle Cartridges, and how to get the most out of your time with your client with NIPPLEBACKS and our secondary "CHOOSE YOUR LOOK BOOK"


Together, we empower clients to try on styles and choose a look they love! 


The book that started a movement


the movement that led to realism in areola tattooing

which led to permanence in areola tattooing

which led to evolution of areola tattooing


Each book comes with 3 pairs of NIPPLEBACKS ($15 value)


The 6th edition has sold out!  See for yourself why so many tattooists are levelling up!


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