LOOK BOOK system

LOOK BOOK system


Learn how to give your clients the NIPPLEBACKS look they've already fallen in love with!  Empower them to choose the style they prefer, and choose your coloring together with this amazing and interactive set-up! 


This full system includes our 'flash sheet' and reusable stencil sheet of line drawings - of NAC diagrams to help women see which colors and styles they like, and start a conversation with you, the artist, without struggling for the words to describe their previous nipples. 

*These conversations that we have with our clients are where the real magic and healing can occur.  the A.R.T. system takes away the artistic guesswork so you can focus on whats important - the client and his/her scar tissue!


We have 10 styles in the book, in many different colors.  This book is a great tool to talk through this choice with your client and earn their trust that you CAN achieve the A.R.T. quality that they've come to expect!

- Color reference & Grey reference to read tonal values clearly

- Stencil outline to translate the definition crisply

- A write-up about each style and what makes it unique

- Instructions to help make use easy

- All designs done by the A.R.T. team, with a write-up about each heARTist

- All designs are also available as temporary tattoos

-  Retail NIPPLEBACKS to earn extra revenue and connect with your local breast cancer community


Each full system includes NIPPLEBACKS sample pairs to either gift or use in your consultations! 

* Once the NIPPLEBACKS wear off, your clients will want to book in for the real thing as soon as possible!


Give more, do more, be more with our innovative A.R.T. products!


This system is our artistic offering to help eradicate the poorly done nipple tattoo.  We support survivors by supporting artists to be their absolute best.