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Kintsugi Donation

Kintsugi Donation


thank you for wanting to help someone amazing get a life-changing tattoo experience! 


You will receive an immediate digital download of the beautiful 'flattie' artwork that I created for this pay-it-forward campaign.


If you would like a real life limited edition copy of this print, please order a physical print for $50 (or $60 in a subscription of $10/month for 6 months)


I have set a low basic donation amount of $20 but if you would like to donate more, just order multiples ;)


And let me know in the notes if you would like your name public or private.


As a PMA, my business is run 'by donation' as an ecclesiastical art project and since I do not collect taxes you will not be able to write-off this specific  donation.  

*but let your accountant know this receipt is towards an ecclesiastical PMA and they might know what expense to file it under for your assistance!