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This book is set to change the Tattoo Industry!


Purchase before June 10 and join our Activating Book Release Party on June 11 at 3pm PDT!!  


Thousands of years ago, tattooing was used as a therapeutic.  We now have mountains of evidence to support this, so how do we, as artists, bring that ancient knowledge forth into modern day tattooing?


Follow us on a journey into the world of mental health and the impact of tattooing on trauma survivors.  We will deep dive into intimate issues and learn where trauma is stored in the body, as well as how the tattoo process can help release it!


What does it take to be a healing tattoo artist?  Read about it in the book and learn how YOU can get there too.  Responsibly, ethically, and safely above all.


Learn the A.R.T. Trauma Release Technique so you will know exactly what to do if you trigger a trauma response in a client.  Be able to handle these tough moments with ease and grace, and help your clients move on for good, rewriting their relationship to past hurts.


By the end of this book, you will feel a more divine purpose in your life's work and you will have a clear path to your own personal greatness.


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