Coaching Call

Coaching Call


When payment is processed, Stacie-Rae will email you directly to set up a time!



- Pioneered a completely new approach to restorative tattooing, with alot of experience and an art school education.

- We were the ones to introduce the following changes:

  - the A.R.T. book taught the PMU world to draw nipples!

  - Flash Sheet with nipple diagrams and stencils - like body tattooing!

  - Permanent Areola Pigment set (The World Famous Pink Ribbon Series)

  - NIPPLEBACKS - The first Artistic and Realistic Temporary 3D Nipple Tattoos

  - Create and Refine by TatSoul - Cartridges FOR Areola Restorative Tattooing


Plus, Stacie-Rae, the trainer, has been to art school, and actually HAD a mastectomy.  She literally IS the global expert on breast cancer tattooing.  

Also, she's been tattooing for 25 years and doing body tattooing over scar tissue as a specialty since 1999!!  Think she knows a thing or two??  Yup!  Incomparable!


And she LOVES to share knowledge, especially with tattooers who have a deep respect for our industry and a mastery of a solid foundation.  These focused and  advanced conversations can change the way a tattooist works, helping improve all of their tattooing!





    You will receive a digital certificate upon completion with an option to purchase a hard copy.

    Perfect for tattooists who already do nipple tattooing but want their work to be more dynamic and realistic, and want a better understanding of scar tissue and emotional impact.

    Also perfect for newer tattooists wanting to learn this fine art and want to make sure they get started on the right foot. 

    The PMU way to train is incredibly limited, as it doesn't understand body tattooing to the extent that Stacie-Rae does, so our approach is way more respectful and comprehensive.

    NO online course will teach you how to tattoo scar tissue.  Think about it - would you accept areola tattooing done by someone who learned online??


    Strict no refund policy.  Make sure you want to commit to levelling up before  you purchase


    nothing to ship here!


    Once payment in processed, Stacie-Rae will email you directly for the information required for enrollment!

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