The absolute MOST advanced and personalized Areola Training available.

* the ONLY training available on scarred practice skins.


We do not cover tattoo foundation or basics, so we only accept experienced tattooists with machine mastery in healthy skin.

We DO cover how to help a client move through trauma, how to identify with a newly changed body and how to step into an empowered life, feeling whole.


- Permanent Realism - long-term commitement and dedication required.

- Learn how scar tissue behaves and how to anticipate healed results.

- Develop a FEEL for the biofeedback to make minute adjustments as you work.

- Graduates will be featured on the ART website and social media, with referrals

- Graduates may be part of the team, a global collective of the best of the best!


We have a beach A.R.T. Retreat option that we are finally rolling out.  All of us will stay in a house on the beach and keep the fun and conversations going.  We will cook and eat together and tell tattoo stories around the campfire.  Since we believe that this work is a calling, these times of togetherness can really solidify your connection to this work and inspire you even more!  Leave feeling like a whole new tattoo artist!!  Not your normal 'class' - we believe full integration and community is the best way to level up in every essence of your being!


Also offered for 2021, Private Training spots will be available for 3 lucky students at a cost of $4250.  Please specify to Stacie-Rae if you would like to be considered for this option when she does the assessment of your application.