The absolute MOST advanced and personalized Areola Training available.

* the ONLY training available on scarred practice skins to learn angles and depth.


We do not cover foundation or basics, so we accept experienced tattooists only.

We understand that machine mastery in healthy skin MUST be achieved before moving into working with compromised tissue.

We DO cover how to help a client move through trauma, how to identify with a newly changed body and how to step into an empowered life, feeling whole.


- Permanent Realism - long-term commitement and dedication required.

- Learn how scar tissue behaves and how to anticipate healed results.

- Develop a FEEL for the biofeedback to make minute adjustments as you work.

- Graduates will be featured on the ART website and social media, with referrals

- Graduates may be part of the team, a global collective of the best of the best!


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  • No refunds.  Please be serious and committed prior to purchasing.  We will match your dedication as we aim to help you become better than we are now!  We are invested in your success

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