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When is it Safe to Tattoo?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Some doctors give you the clear after about 6 weeks, but some tattoo artists tell you to wait up to 2 years. What gives? Why such a broad range and how to get around it.

You Can't get Around it...

The truth is that every body is different and your body will tell you when it is safe to proceed, not your calendar.

How do I know what my Body is Telling me?

This is the easy part - if your scars are still red, it is NOT safe to tattoo. Wait until the redness has completely disappeared.

Why do I have to wait so long?

Another easy answer! If you insist on getting tattooed before your scars are ready, you just might cause even more damage to those delicate newly forming skin cells. If you interrupt the natural maturation stage, you can make your scars way worse, and even ruin your chances of getting tattooed in the future! It's true - you could actually ruin the scars ability to accept and retain pigment.

Wait until your body gives you the ALL-CLEAR, no matter what your doctor says! Thats why we have NIPPLEBACKS temporary areola tattoos!

Tattoo above is a collaboration between Stacie-Rae and A.R.T. student Jazz Yee, her first areola tattoo ever! This is a great example of someone who isn't quite ready to be tattooed and I got to teach Jazz how to work around the redness while still giving the client nice results to hold her through to her 6-month touchup date (to play it safe).

This is the kind of quality models can expect when they come to partake in A.R.T. Certifications!

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