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Is it safe? Is it Permanent?

Updated: Jan 15

...and is it pigment, or is it ink?

It's ALL pigment!!

- But we prefer to use permanent pigment, vegan and cruelty free with no heavy metals. We refuse to cut corners when it comes to quality. I am so passionate about my work that I would never risk doing anything less than the absolute best that I can achieve. Did you know that Samantha Rae and I designed the Pink RIbbon Series, by world famous inks? The WORLDS FIRST permanent areola set, came into existence because of our passion and commitment to survivors!

There are alot of great pigment companies out there, and some not-so-great ones. We always prefer to work with companies with their value system firmly rooted in permanent tattooing.

This type of work often fades and can have a negative affect on a survivors life, and we just don't think it's worth the risk! Since I had poorly done nipple tattoos, I know what survivors face, and it's important to me to inspire integrity among tattoo professionals working in this field!

I am partial to the Pink Ribbon Series because its the FIRST permanent set - and I had a small hand in bringing it to the world. Also - a fast new favorite of mine is Ever After, a brand that operates under my long-time favorite pigment company, Eternal Ink:

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