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Is It Expensive?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Its comparative - prioritize well! After all you've been through, this is kinda the MOST important part, don't you think?

A beautiful mastectomy can be ruined by a poorly done tattoo. But also - assymetry or other scars can be made beautiful again by a great tattoo! Choose the right artist for the job.

What can members do?

I don't know why breast cancer survivors would look for a 'deal' when it comes to tattoos. This is an investment (and I charge less than my peers) A.R.T. costs less than hair extensions! And it will change your entire life! True Healing is priceless...

Budget and get GREAT work, never settle - You deserve nothing but the best.

Email me HERE if you are reduced income to apply for my model program.

As much as it bothers us to admit, since we started doing this in 2010, there are more and more poorly trained tattooists every year - especially now with so many people thinking they can learn this online!! Can you imagine - going to a surgeon who learned to do surgery online?!?! RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN - to your nearest heARTist!!

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