Nipple Back


Losing your breasts to cancer can be terrifying. Many mastectomy also remove the Nipple/Areola Complex (NAC), leaving the survivor with nothing but scars. A full sense of self-love and self-acceptance can be hard to achieve, and this fact is almost entirely overlooked by the medical industry. Realism is the key to re-connecting with your feminine beauty, yet you would never understand that if you had not gone through it yourself. With NIPPLEBACKS, you have instant access to that sense of wholeness, the you that you were before cancer came along. Breasts aren’t sexual without the nipples, as social media teaches us. But once those nipples are back on there – look out world! Give yourself the gift you didn’t realize how much you missed. Experience that mind-body-spirit connection you worked so hard for. Missing something? Here’s your NIPPLEBACK!
NIPPLEBACKS were created out of necessity. Stacie-Rae wrote the A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattoo to help tattooists understand some basic visual techniques to achieve realism. To illustrate those techniques, she had to draw simple portrait-like samples of nipples. She took photos of her consenting friends nipples and was surprised at how different they all were! And she knew first-hand what it feels like to see a nipple-less reflection in the mirror. She wished these were available when she needed them so she made them! This all started in 2010 and there was nothing like this in the world!

Once those drawings were made digital for the purpose of the book, she had them manufactured into safe, FDA approved temporary tattoos for survivors, previvors, and our trans friends. If you’ve had your nipples removed, something just seems like it’s… missing. Permanent tattoos aren’t for everyone, and this is a great option for reconnecting with the whole and sexy goddess that you are! Just stick them on like any temporary tattoo and change the way you see your new body.
For those who need them, these are LIFE CHANGING. 30 seconds to wholeness!

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