How we Support Tattooists and Survivors

A true creator is able to solve a problem that no one else sees.

And we know we're inspiring positive change.

We support survivors by supporting the tattooists

who work with them.  Here's how we do that:


The A.R.T. of Areola Restorative Tattooing workbook

NIPPLEBACKS temporary 3D nipple tattoos for survivors


The worlds first permanent areola pigment set:

the Pink Ribbon Series by World Famous Ink

TatSoul Envy A.R.T. cartridges for technical excellence in scar tissue

Nipple Flash sheet/diagram sheet for reference

Stencils to go with each NIPPLEBACKS style for ease of use.



Stacie-Rae took her first pmu Areola Training in 2010.  She felt immediately that the field was missing some imporant elements, such as drawing, history, scar tissue and emotional impact.

The first A.R.T. book has inspired the entire industry and started a movement.