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If you are a survivor who is not in the LA area, please find an A.R.T. Certified Paramedical Artisan closer to you or on your bucket list!  We are a global  team of experts, dedicated to helping you love your body again.

Not your average "class"

We literally broke the mold on restorative

tattoo training.  We pioneered an entirely new

approach, with true mastery at the helm.

The only training to require pre-requisites.

We work to create problem solvers and eradicate  mistakes that stop artists from being their best.

The ONLY training to offer scarred practice skins.

The only training that gives you coaching and collaboration, as well as referrals, interviews, and promotion.  We are truly invested in your success.

Certificates given on merit, not mere attendance.

Just like University, you must apply the knowledge before you can graduate with honours.

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