Diana Demasi + Stacie-Rae 


Diana and Stacie-Rae are the dynamic duo of paramedical artistry in the Dallas area and beyond.  They will be found in Texas, New York and Virginia before expanding to other locations as well.


Stacie-Rae has evolved the entire field of medical tattooing.   An internationally recognized subject matter expert, a BRCA1+ diagnosis led to a mastectomy and changed her whole career focus.


She is a patent-holding inventor, author and international speaker on the topic of medical tattoo arts. She has been featured on global, CTV, inked magazine and more.  Browse this website for the complete picture.


Stacie-Rae is also an educator and Diana is her protege, a veteran in the beauty industry. With 42 years of her life spent enhancing beauty, Diana now expands that expertise into medical tattooing.


With a combined 70+ years experience , they are restoring confidence after surgery or injury.


The most Innovative team in Medical Tattooing, we are on the cutting edge on whats possible in every direction.


We aim to help people feel complete after surgery. We use the ART of tattoo to help clients move past trauma and embrace their journey ahead with confidence and joy.


· Scar camouflage (facelift, tummy-tuck, etc.).

· Line and wrinkle reduction.

· Scar + stretch mark revisions and reduction.

· Nailbeds (toe or finger).

· Belly button restoration.

· Scalp micropigmentation.

· Permanent cosmetic tattooing.

· Areola Restoration (breast cancer).

(bottom surgery pigmentation for GRS)


phone:                (817) 600-6086

EMAIL:    ddemasi.pmu@att.net