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YOU - a Budding Medical Tattoo Professional...  


I took a microblading course, now I want to do nipples, will you train me?


NOPE - sorry but microblading is not a transferrable skillset, you must master machine use in healthy skin!


My mom/sister/friend has breast cancer and even though I am not a tattoo artist, I REALLY want to help people!  Will you train me?


NOPE - There's a good chance that unless you become a qualified tattoo professional that you will cause harm instead of helping people.  This work is hard to learn!

Why won't you just train me now?

-After you are machine tattooing FULL TIME in healthy skin for 2 full years, please reach out for a start in our Level 1 program!      -Enjoy the process! I've been tattooing since 1996 and the more of a 'learner' attitude I take with it, the more fulfilling it is - since it's a long-term career, see it that way.  It takes at least 2 years to build enough hand strength to be stable!

-Since we can cause serious harm to damaged skin, please slow down, take the time and learn your foundation well. Do NOT skip steps. It will show in your later work if you rush through learning.  You have to learn the chords before you can play the song.

-Don't train with anyone tattooing under 10 years, they're still learning even if they don't realize it!  It's your training money and tattooing is a really hard thing to learn well, so do the best you can right from the beginning.  Think about it - even hairdressers take 2 years of training!  ...And hair grows back!

-It takes 10,000 hours to master something, so start keeping track now, of your ACTUAL hours in the skin.  Don't exaggerate your time, be really honest with yourself and watch how long it takes to get that 10,000 hours and when you get there, you will be able to day OMG I DID IT!  And when you do, this message will make perfect sense!


When is it safe to tattoo scars?

What can really go wrong, though?

Why isn't microblading good enough for you?

When the redness is gone.  If the scars still have redness, they are still actively working through the maturing process and tattooing them could cause harm.  Let the body tell you when it's ready.  No set time.

You can destroy those new skin cells and create way more scar tissue!

You can anchor emotional trauma to the wound site with a negative effect on the clients overall well-being.

Tattooing scars is a VERY specific skill.  And great for what it is, so enjoy your new career!  But over an amputation site and the emotional turmoil that the survivor has faced, we must insist that one develops a strong foundation from which to learn this level of artistic and technical ability.  We think survivors deserve it.  Don't you?  


... Now What??

Take your time, learn the skin!

There's NO RUSH if this is a new career for you!

Enjoy the process, it's a beautiful journey.

When you notice that you are starting to get bored of what you're doing, only THEN are you ready to expand.  Remember, this career has a way of humbling you - just when you think you have it all figured out you make a huge mistake and realize that you have SO MUCH to learn still!

Thats why we want you to take it slow.

Imagine if that mistake was on a survivor.

I (Stacie-Rae) have had a TERRIBLE nipple tattoo done at the hands of a long-time trainer, who just didn't draw or really understand scar tissue.  So I made it my mission to stand up for the survivors so noone else has to feel the depression that comes from that experience!

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